Adopt Bri, Brennan, & Simon

Bri, Brennan, and Simon are bright siblings who are ready to know the love a family together!

Bri is the oldest of the three, and she is a dedicated student! Her favorite classes include religion, ethics, and entrepreneurship. She would like to study psychology one day and dreams of owning a car and a dog! Bri likes to paint and read in her free time. You can also find her on the soccer field or dancing to her favorite tunes!

Brennan is the middle child and he can be pretty shy until you get to know him. He is also dedicated to his studies and enjoys reading in his free time.

Youngest sibling Simon is very attached to his older siblings. He is affectionate, cheerful and loves to go to the park. Simon is currently deciding between pursuing a career as a firefighter, policeman, or teacher when he gets older!

Our prayers is for these children to have the unconditional love and support a family can provide. To learn more contact Tanna at or 503-893-1345.