Adopt Amanda

Amanda is a bright, caring girl with a determined spirit! Amanda has such a loving personality and truly wants nothing more than the unconditional love of a forever family. She self-identifies as Catholic and enjoys attending church—her prayer is for her future family to love, trust, and accept her.

Amanda is a very perceptive, emotionally intelligent kid and is always quick to help adults and younger children. Amanda is persistent and works hard to finish everything she starts. Currently, she isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up, but she has considered becoming a lawyer!

Amanda really enjoys listening to music, playing chess, swimming, and studying math and social studies!  Math is her favorite subject, and she continues to excel in it. She also loves learning and trying new things—especially new foods and participating in sports with her friends!

Sadly, Amanda has been unable to trust her biological family for love or even safety. Amanda dreams of having a loving family to call her own. Could that family be yours? For more information, please reach out to Tanna at