Adopt AJ

AJ is an active and sensitive boy, who is polite and uses good manners! He communicates well with adults, and he’s showing his maturity by helping prepare meals and keeping his room organized and clean.

Skateboarding is one of AJ’s favorite activities, and he loves a variety of sports! Alex is currently learning karate and participates in class twice a week.

AJ likes to go to school, where he enjoys his teacher and interacts well with his classmates!

AJ enjoys talking to new people and asking them questions about their life. He also likes to spend his time playing games, taking part in competitions with the other children, and watching TV shows about police officers.

AJ is enthusiastic about having a forever family. While he does have positive relationships with his caregivers, he wants to live in a family environment with parents who will be there for him and guide him in life. If you would like more information about AJ please contact Haley at