A Christmas Prayer for Family

Our Christmas prayer is that brothers Christian (7) and Troy (6) find their forever family before the end of the year! These sweet, loving boys sadly came into care in Colombia a few years ago due to neglect. Christian and Troy are very close and we are so encouraged to see that their foster family has shared that they are securely attached to each other. Both boys are developmentally on track, extroverted, and enjoy school and soccer. Could these brothers be the children your family has been praying for?

Big brother Christian (7) is a sweet, hardworking boy who loves school! School is truly his greatest joy and he loves to play with his friends at school. He is in the first grade and doing so well! Christian adapts easily and responds well to affection. While he has Cerebral Palsy, it doesn’t stop him from doing anything—including soccer—he just goes at his own pace. 

Little brother Troy (6) is a kind, affectionate boy! Troy also enjoys school and is in Pre-K. He is on track with his motor skills and language development which is so great to see. Troy loves playing with cars, soccer, and field trips. He shared that his hope is that he and his brother will be adopted by a family that will allow him to play soccer and also to become a firefighter or a policeman—he’s still deciding on his career path.  🙂

We know these boys will thrive with the unconditional love of a forever family. Could that family be your family?

To learn more, please reach out to us at waitingchildren@allgodschildren.org.