Home Study Process




Please fill out a FREE Pre-Application to determine if you meet our AGCI eligibility requirements. Once approved and contracted, the home study process can begin.

Home Study Process: 3-4 Months

A social worker will collect required home study documents, including background checks. Once all documents are received, an AGCI social worker will meet with all members of your household to begin home study interviews. Interviews last a minimum of six hours over two separate visits. Your social worker will also provide additional education to help your family prepare for your adoption. Once home study interviews are complete, a comprehensive home study report will be written by your social worker. AGCI will submit the completed home study to your placing agency for review and then home study finalization can occur.

Post-Adoption Services

Once your child is home and AGCI is contracted, post-adoption visits will be scheduled according to your placing agency and program-specific requirements.

Families living in other states who are adopting a child through AGCI will work with one of our cooperating agencies. If you have additional questions, please contact AGCI’s Inquiry Team at 800-214-6719 or by email.