Additional Resources



The following list provides other resources to investigate that may help fund an adoption:

Employee Benefits
Many employers provide benefits for their employees who adopt. These may include leave when a child arrives in the home, reimbursement of adoption expenses, or assistance with adoption information and referral services. Contact your human resources department to inquire about available benefits.

For help asking your employer for this benefit, visit: Also read Elizabeth Mair’s article “How to Lobby Your Employer for Adoption Benefits”.

Tax Credits
The federal government Adoption Tax Credit offsets qualified adoption expenses making adoption possible for some families who could otherwise not afford it. This credit can be as much as $13,170. Contact your tax advisor or for complete details.

Several states have also enacted tax credits for adoptive families. Some are restricted to those adopting from the state’s public system. Contact your state adoption unit for more information.

Adoption Subsidies
Children with special needs may qualify for an adoption subsidy to help parents pay for ongoing treatments. Adoption subsidy agreements must be negotiated with the placing agency before the child’s adoption is finalized. More information is available from the North American Council on Adoptable Children at

Military Subsidies
Active-duty personnel are reimbursed for one-time adoption costs up to $2,000 per child, whether adopting an infant, a waiting child, or a child from abroad.

Adoption Grants and Loans
A number of organizations offer adoption grants and/or low-cost loans. Some are limited to waiting children, while others are available to any prospective parents who meet the organization’s criteria.

A Child Waits Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation that has grants and low interest loans available to families who are adopting internationally. For more information or to apply, call (866) 999-2445 or visit

Gift of Adoption Fund is the largest organization devoted to helping parents by reducing the prohibitive costs of adoption. Founded in 1996, Gift of Adoption awards grants to provide the last funds needed to complete the adoption process. Grants of up to $7,500 are awarded monthly to qualified applicants to remove prohibitive financial barriers and make possible the adoptions of some of the most vulnerable waiting children in the U.S. and around the world. Eight gifts on average are awarded each month to qualified applicants based on demonstrated financial need, situational hardship, and home study approval. To apply for a grant, visit

Global Orphan Outreach exists to make it possible for families to adopt with the aid of grants. Global Orphan Outreach procures and submits grant applications on behalf of the prospective adoptive parents. This service is available for any family adopting internationally or domestically. For more information visit is a financial assistance grant program that provides qualified couples and individuals with grants of up to $15,000 toward their adoption expenses. Grants will be awarded twice a year. For information visit

Parenthood for Me provides emotional support, educational tools, and financial support to those adopting. They aim to ease some of the financial burden bestowed on people who desperately want to be parents. They offer grants for adoption as well as infertility treatments. For more information visit

Pathways for Little Feet is a not-for-profit organization that helps families adopt children through financial assistance. The organization’s Perpetual Family Fund provides no-interest loans to families who desire to adopt but find the initial costs prohibitive. As loans are repaid, new families receive them, allowing child after child to join loving families. For additional information about how this organization helps families in need of resources, visit

Tinina Q. Cade Foundation assists couples with the costs of fertility treatments and domestic adoption. For more information, visit

Tomorrow Is a Gift is a private, adoption resource website created by Barbara Burke, an adoptive parent to seven children. Burke has compiled an extensive list for prospective adoptive parents researching adoption grants and affording adoption. Visit the Burkes’ website at and click on “Adoption Grants” on the homepage.

Christian Organizations

Lifesong for Orphans helps to remove the financial barriers to adoption through matching grants and interest-free loans. Matching grants are an innovative tool that encourages the adopting couple’s church family to financially and prayerfully support the adoption. Interest-free loans help overcome the initial “cash flow crunch” of adoption expenses by utilizing the federal tax credit. The loan can be repaid in manageable monthly or annual payments. Learn more at

Show Hope awards financial grants to qualifying Christian families already in the process of adopting a child to help reduce the financial burden associated with adoption. For more information on the grant application process, visit

Other Resources

Read “How to Make Adoption an Affordable Option,” a comprehensive booklet from the National Endowment for Financial Education. You can also order the booklet from the Consumer Information Center (Item #508-F): 888-878-3256.

To view a list of grants, loans, credits, and fundraising ideas, visit the Financial Resources section at This section explains each option, suggests websites to get started, and even offers a helpful, easy-to-read financial chart to see all options at a glance and compare. The site also offers application tips, a coaching service to help ease the confusion of the loan and grant application process, and an insightful blog.

PNC Bank is an “adoption friendly” bank. The bank assists families with getting their finances organized and offers adoption loans. Contact your local branch to see how the bank can assist you.

For more granting organizations, search the web for “adoption grants,” but be wary of demands for application or other fees.