Adoption Testimonials


“We have been truly blessed, far beyond what we ever thought possible, to adopt our daughters. God has forever changed our family through adoption.”
–Patrick and Susan Winstead
AGCI Adoptive Parents to Calili and Pearl.

“I know that I am a better woman because of my daughter, and that my career, while incredibly important, will not define my legacy—being mom to this amazing girl from the other side of the world will. She is the best decision I have ever made in my life.”
–Vicky DeCastro
Adoptive Mom to Mila.

“When we first started to go the adoption route, there was a part of me that was sad that there wouldn’t be a little Lindsay or Nate running around. That part of me is gone. When I look at him, all I see is my son. It was an amazing experience with AGCI the whole way through.”
–Nate and Lindsay Williams
AGCI Adoptive Parents to Oliver.

“Adoption is worth every penny, every piece of paperwork, and every minute spent waiting to get to witness firsthand what the love of a family can do for a child.”
–Raina and Christopher Horner
AGCI Adoptive Parents to Layton and Alyssa.

“AGCI has been with us every step of the way with prayer and professional adoption coordination. The paperwork process wasn’t as daunting as expected due to their amazing support. In-country staff was dedicated and emotionally involved in what they do, which was incredibly touching. Post-adoption assistance may be the best reason to choose AGCI. The ongoing commitment to the well-being of our family and new child is astounding. The people at AGCI are like a part of our family and we are so blessed to be connected with AGCI.”
–Carrie and Scott Kokoska
AGCI Adoptive Parents to Jonah, Joshua, and Lauren.