Adopting a Child with Down Syndrome


At AGCI, we believe that children thrive with the love of a forever family! With over 25 years of adoption experience, we remain committed to finding families for children, not children for families.

AGCI is dedicated to advocating for children with Down syndrome. In the past year alone, 75% of AGCI families adopting a child with Down syndrome received our exclusive Special Treasures adoption grant!

Want to learn more about what a adopting a child with Down syndrome can look like for your family? Read our blog!

Adopt with Down Syndrome
What It’s Really Like to Adopt A Child With Down Syndrome
AGCI adoptive mom Stephanie shared her amazing journey to her son, Benjamin! Read Stephanie’s story.

Down Syndrome Child Adoption

Ready to learn more about adopting a child with Down syndrome? We’d love to connect you with an AGCI family that’s been there! Reach out to Carin today at or 503-327-7407.