All God's Children International - Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together

PREVENT more children from ever entering institutions.

Give to Prevent Orphans from Entering Institutions

We empower single parents by giving them the micro-grants and support they need to start their own businesses and better provide for their children.

Education Sponsorship provides much needed support for children and families in crisis. Sponsorship allows children to attend school, receive regular, healthy meals, and remain within their family's care.

$50 School uniforms for a child in poverty
$100 Emergency food supplies for a family in need
$250 1 month of childcare for working parents
$500 Funds 1 year of school fees
$1,000 Emergency medical care for a family
$2,500 Jump-starts a single mother's business


17-year-old Berhe has hope for a bright future thanks to the support he's received through AGCI's Education Sponsorship program in Ethiopia! Tragically, Berhe's mother passed away and his father disappeared when he was very young. Berhe and his four siblings live with their older sister and her family - remarkably, 10 people live in their small, one room home. For the past 8 years, Berhe's education has been fully sponsored - this support has allowed Berhe to attend school, remain with his siblings and follow his dream of attending university to become a doctor!