All God's Children International - Help Orphans Transition to Independence


PREPARE aging out orphans to thrive outside of an institution.

Give to prepare older orphans to thrive

We're preparing older orphans to thrive outside of an institution with:

A PATH AND A PLAN Through education and vocational training, we're working to help orphans transition to independence, break the cycle of poverty, and create successful futures.

$50 Professional clothing for an aging out orphan
$100 Textbooks for an orphan in college
$250 One year of counseling for an orphan
$500 A vocational training grant
$1,000 A university scholarship
$2,500 One year of housing for an aging out orphan


From a very young age, Eleonora was taught by her family to steal to make ends meet in Bulgaria. Sadly, Eleonora's childhood was filled with crime and forced labor - at one point she was even sent to Greece to work to support her family. Almost 5 years ago, Eleonora was removed from her family's care and placed into an orphanage. This amazing young woman has a lifetime of healing ahead and is focused on changing her future for the better. Eleonora now has the chance to break the cycle of poverty thanks to AGCI's vocational training program! Today, Eleonora is attending hairdressing school and has hope for a bright, independent future!