As a nonprofit, tax-exempt entity, ALL GOD’S CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (AGCI) accepts charitable gifts and donations from persons who wish to support AGCI’s mission and programs. Charitable gifts and donations may be outright or deferred, and may be directed toward different AGCI programs. Regardless of the nature, form and amount of any such donation, AGCI recognizes a fiduciary responsibility to donors, clients and children served, and wishes to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest or preferential treatment to donors. The following procedures are intended to achieve those objectives.


  • Who is responsible

    All policies and guidelines for charitable gifts and donations must be established or approved by the AGCI board of directors. The AGCI President, in coordination with the Vice President of Administrative Services, is responsible for managing all donor solicitation programs and activities.

  • Communications with donors

    AGCI may inform, guide or assist donors or potential donors who wish to support AGCI’s mission and programs. Under no circumstances may AGCI pressure or unduly persuade any person or entity to make a charitable gift or donation to AGCI. Employees or representatives of AGCI who communicate with donors or potential donors should in all cases encourage such donors to consult with independent legal and/or tax advisers prior to making any gift, to ensure that the donor obtains full and accurate information regarding all aspects of the proposed gift. Under no circumstances should any agent or employee of AGCI provide tax or legal advice to a donor or potential donor.

  • Humanitarian contributions as a component of required fees

    Notwithstanding any other provision of this procedure, AGCI may set adoption fees that require, as a component of such fees, a fixed contribution toward the child welfare services or child protection programs of AGCI or of another agency or entity in the U.S. or in the child’s country of origin. However, any such required contribution must be clearly designated and explained to clients who are required to pay such fees, in accordance with Standard 96.40.

  • Declined and prohibited donations

    AGCI reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any gift or donation and to consult with counsel regarding the suitability of any gift. No gift would be accepted that would:

    1. Result in AGCI violating its bylaws.

    2. Result in losing its status as an IRS 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

    3. Be too difficult or too expensive to administer in relation to the value.

    4. Be for purposes outside AGCI’s mission.

    No donation will be accepted that is earmarked for or otherwise intended to benefit or is restricted to any particular person, client or prospective adoptive parent.

    AGCI will not solicit donations of cash, securities, annuities or specific property from an adopting parent working with AGCI from:

    1. The time a contract is received until six months after an adoption is finalized.

    2. The time AGCI’s services to the adopting parent have terminated.

  • Adopting parent advocacy rules

    Adopting parents may be informed of and choose to participate in advocacy activities that support AGCI, including:

    1. Contributing in-kind goods and services for AGCI’s homes and partners while traveling to their child’s country of origin as a requirement of the adoption process.

    2. Grassroots awareness and fundraising activities including house parties, runs, walks, auctions, dinners, web-campaigns, etc., as volunteers and/or contributors.

    3. AGCI short-term mission trips, including paying fees that support trip-related orphan care projects.

    4. Fulfill an outstanding pledge, including sponsorship, made prior to the time a contract is received. An adopting parent may fulfill the pledge term and renew the pledge at the same level under the conditions outlined in sections 6 and 7 of this procedure.

  • Unsolicited donations from an adopting parent

    In the event an unsolicited donation is received from an adopting parent after an adoption is contracted, AGCI may accept the gift under the following conditions:

    1. Any offer of a donation will be referred to a member of the development staff for follow-up with the adopting parent.

    2. The donation will be made through AGCI’s standard development process and coordinated by a member of the development staff.

    3. Donation information will be held confidential by the development staff, senior management and board of directors. Information will not be shared with adoption, inquiry and social services staff. Documentation of gifts will be kept confidential and separate from AGCI’s adoption database and files.

    4. The adopting parent will sign a document stating that the donation was not solicited and that they have not benefited from and do not expect to benefit as a result of making the gift.

    5. Contributions made in conflict with these terms will be declined.

  • Pledges and sponsorships

    AGCI may accept pledges, which are commitments to give a specific dollar amount according to a fixed time schedule, including sponsorship pledges.

    1. Sponsorship pledges are usually for amounts of $1,200 or less and fora a period of one year. Sponsorship pledges may be paid monthly, quarterly or annually. Sponsorship pledges may renew from year to year.

    2. All other pledges must have written documentation that contains the amount of the pledge clearly specified and a clearly defined payment schedule. Before a pledge is accepted the donor must be considered to be financially capable of making the gift.

    3. Acknowledgements and any naming opportunity associated with a pledge or sponsorship shall be removed if for any reason the pledge is not completed within the agreed upon payment schedule.

    4. In the event of death, pledge balances will be written off when AGCI is notified, unless there are provisions in the donor’s estate plans or the donor’s family indicates intent to complete the pledge.

    5. All requests to deactivate a pledge must be presented to and approved by AGCI.

  • Gifts of securities, annuities or specific property

    AGCI may accept gifts of securities, charitable gift annuities (immediate or deferred), real estate or tangible personal property only upon the prior review and approval by the AGCI President.

  • Endowment fund

    AGCI may establish an endowment fund to benefit the general purposes of the agency. The board of directors will determine what percentage of the income from the endowment fund may be used for current AGCI program activities.


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All God’s Children International does not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information outside the organization. When AGCI partners with other organizations (public, private, nonprofit or government) to fulfill its ministry of serving orphans around the world donor information remains confidential and is not disclosed to partner entities unless the donor gives specific permission to do so.