• What is an Individual Trip versus a Group Trip?

    Individual trips, designed for individuals from all over the country, join a team of like-minded people on designated trip dates. These specific-project trips are scheduled in advance.

    Group trips are for churches, organizations, or other groups that customize a mission trip according to their skills, experiences and interests. Group trips accomplish specific projects and activities. Often group trips center around a specific orphan care project. Group fundraising and support takes place in the months leading up to the trip.

  • How large are the groups you send?

    Group sizes vary by country, but the minimum for an individual trip or group trip is 10 people. For most countries, 12 or 15 people is the maximum. Please contact us if you have questions about a specific country.

  • What if the trip I feel called to is full?

    If you sign up for a trip that is full, you will be notified and put on the waiting list for that trip.

  • Is there an age limit for trip participants?

    Yes. AGCI recommends children be at least 8 years old to travel on an advocacy trip. For trips to Haiti, children must be at least 13 years old. Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

    Exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. For families with younger children wishing to serve together, please contact our advocacy trip staff to learn about other options. Parents should be aware that traveling into certain areas of the world can be difficult for children and can possibly hinder the ministry or effectiveness of the mission trip.

    All participants, including children, must fill out a separate application to be considered for a mission trip.

  • What types of activities will we do on an advocacy trip?

    Activities vary based on the location of the trip, but teams will spend time building relationships with the children at Hannah’s Hope and/or Hannah’s Hope Partner homes by playing sports, games and doing arts and crafts. Trip participants also participate in one or more work projects at an orphanage or in the surrounding community.

    Also, we send teams with professional skills to serve orphaned or vulnerable children. In the past, AGCI has been blessed to send medical practitioners, occupational therapists, construction workers, etc., to meet specific needs in the countries we serve. If you have a specific professional skill and a heart for serving orphaned children, we would love to talk with you more!

  • What preparation is provided for trip participants?

    AGCI provides an extensive trip preparation packet for each team member. This includes lessons and exercises to prepare for the cross-cultural ministry you will be a part of. Advocacy trip staff will offer support, guidance and encouragement to help group leaders feel equipped and ready to lead their team before, during and after travel. Advocacy trip staff have leadership experience in cross-cultural settings.

  • What is included in the cost of the trip?

    Trip preparation materials and support

    In-country lodging
    In-country transportation
    Three meals a day
    In-country trip leadership/translator
    Travel insurance

    Up to 15 percent of your trip fees will also be used for orphan care projects and donations during, or in conjunction with, your trip.

    If any of these services are not included in the trip you sign up for, you will be notified in advance.

  • What is not included in the cost of the trip?

    The only extra money you will need while in-country is for souvenirs, offerings and personal spending money.

  • Does All God’s Children International help with funding my trip?

    Registered applicants are responsible for raising support, but AGCI will supply verification letters and accounting for applicants.

  • Can I raise support for my mission trip?

    Yes! Our advocacy trip staff can provide you with an extensive fundraising manual as a part of your trip preparation packet. We encourage each of our participants to raise funds from friends and family members. AGCI is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and donations given on your behalf are tax deductible.

  • How do I make a payment?

    Payments can be made online on our website under the PAYMENTS AND DONATIONS link. Indicate the payment you are making (Application, 1st, 2nd, Airfare) and the trip country. If you are paying for more than one participant, be sure to list each mission trip participant’s name in the comments section. Payments can also be made by check or money order made out to “All God’s Children International” and sent to our address. Please indicate on the check that it is for your Embrace Mission trip, along with the name of the trip participant.

  • How can I donate to support a trip participant?

    Donations can be made online on our website under the PAYMENTS AND DONATIONS link. Specify the name of the trip participant, the payment you are making (Application, 1st, 2nd, Airfare), and the trip country. If you are paying for more than one participant, be sure to list each mission trip participant’s name in the comments section. Donations can also be made by check or money order made out to “AGCI Advocacy Trip” and sent to our address. Please indicate on the check the name of the trip participant you are supporting.

  • Can donations be refunded?

    Due to IRS tax laws for 501c3 non-profit organizations, AGCI cannot refund any donation made by a trip participant or their supporters. This means if a trip participant has raised funds for their trip and cancels, AGCI cannot legally refund any of these donations. All funds will be used by AGCI for our ongoing orphan care ministry.

    AGCI retains the express right to direct all accepted donations as it deems in the best interest of the organization to fulfill its recognized tax exempt purpose.

  • What are the room arrangements on an advocacy trip?

    In most instances on advocacy trips, participants will be sharing a room with one or more persons of the same gender. We plan cost-effective trips for the team. Please expect to share a room with one or more persons on the team at all times. When possible, we will try to place husbands and wives in a room together, but please be aware that in some locations this will not be possible as some of our lodging is set up more dormitory style where women may be in one room and men in another. As with any mission trip, please be flexible. We do not allow team members of the opposite sex to share rooms together unless they are married or a parent with minor children.

  • Does AGCI purchase insurance for trips?

    Yes. AGCI purchases travel insurance for all trip participants, and this cost is included in each trip participant’s total trip cost. Please be informed that if there is an interruption to any advocacy trip such as a natural disaster or political interruption and the travel insurance does not cover all expenses incurred, AGCI is not responsible for the payment of these additional expenses. AGCI will work with each team member to get them home safely.

  • Will I need to get vaccinations to travel on an AGCI trip?

    We encourage all advocacy trip participants to read the U.S. Department of State background notes on its website. Travelers can also check the latest health information with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov to get the most recent health advisories, immunization recommendations/requirements, and advice on food and drinking water safety for regions and countries. We also encourage trip participants to consult with their physician before traveling internationally.

  • Is there a commitment of time required to be part of an advocacy trip team?

    Yes. We ask trip participants to commit to being available for conference calls leading up to the trip and to reading all emails and materials pertaining to the trip, and responding when necessary. These communications are needed to maximize the effectiveness of the team on the mission field, to prepare each person for the trip, and to build team unity. For some teams, this may include one to three conference calls leading up to the trip.

  • I’m currently in the adoption process; can I participate in an advocacy trip?

    Yes. Adoptive families currently in the adoption process can participate in an AGCI Embrace Missions trip. However, there may be additional considerations depending on what stage of the adoption process you are in. For more details please see our Adoptive Family and Adoptive Child Mission Policy.

  • Can I volunteer in an orphanage without joining a pre-planned trip?

    There may be situations that allow individuals to volunteer in one of AGCI’s partner orphanages without attending a pre-planned trip. However, we do not coordinate these types of experiences and generally recommend working with organizations specializing in this type of mission experience. Please contact AGCI’s advocacy trips manager to obtain a list of referrals.

  • How many bags am I allowed to take?

    Always check the luggage restrictions section online for your specific airline to our group travel point. Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline and are subject to change, so always check this information online in advance. AGCI is not responsible for any baggage fees incurred by trip participants, including team leaders. When you pack, account for the possibility of a lost checked bag. Keep essentials, at least one change of clothes, and copies of important documents in your carry-on.

  • How can I help if I can’t go on the trip?

    If you are unable to participate by traveling to a foreign country, you may serve in the following manner:

    Prayer support
    Support our teams in prayer or
    Join the AGCI Prayer Team
    Provide financial support for a trip participant or a team
    Donate to a team project, an orphanage, and/or AGCI
    AGCI Christian Missions

  • How do I apply?

    Fill out an online application or print and mail/e-mail/fax the application to All God’s Children International. A $250 non-refundable application fee is due when you submit your application.

    Mail application to
    All God’s Children International
    Attn: Missions Department
    All God’s Children International
    1400 NE 136th Ave. Suite 201
    Vancouver, WA 98684

    Fax: (503) 282-2582
    E-mail: missions@allgodschildren.org