54.17% Sponsored

Mackendy was brought to Rivers of Hope in April 2014 by his birth mother.  She did not have the resources to provide him with the basic necessities or the medical care he needed.  His birth mother had no support, no place to call home, and other children to care for so she knew his future would be brighter at Rivers of Hope.

Mackendy is a happy and chubby one and a half year old boy!  Mackendy is a wide eyed and curious little guy who is captivated by new things and is constantly observing his environment.  Thanks to the staff at Rivers of Hope Mackendy has bonded to his caretakers and is easily consoled when he’s upset.  He loves running around with his friends and is one of the healthiest eaters at Rivers of Hope.

In Haiti, a child can wait up to 4 years in an orphanage before they are permanently placed in alternative family care or are home with an adoptive family.  Please consider sponsoring Mackendy during this critical time of his life to ensure he has the love, care and nourishment he needs to continue to thrive.  Will you be the one to stand in the gap for Mackendy through sponsorship?